Purchasing or selling a home in Colorado can be a scary experience! It usually requires a more thorough due-diligence effort than most any other state due to our challenging soil conditions. Home inspections are good, but usually not enough unless they include a detailed structural review. In fact, Colorado law prohibits anyone other than a licensed professional engineer to assess single or multi-family residential buildings for structural integrity involving diagnosis, analysis and/or remedial design.* Since foundation problems are not uncommon in our state, a separate structural screening should always be considered as part of every home sale.

This is why StructureCheck offers structural screening as part of its services to Colorado home buyers and home sellers. Structural screening is an invaluable tool which provides a general visual assessment of all major structural components of a home including: foundation system, floor and wall framing systems, roof framing system, and load-bearing columns and beams.

Our screenings are conducted by a Colorado licensed professional engineer and investigate every structural part of the home including: crawlspace(s), basement, rooms, attic(s), garage(s), and exterior areas.

Findings are documented in a written .pdf report and usually delivered the next business day to ensure quick acquisition and discernment of the facts.

Home buyers use this service to determine the general structural condition of the home being considered for purchase. Home sellers use this service to help market their homes in demonstration of its structural integrity.

Fees are based on home square footage and start at $395. Additional travel time charges apply to homes located outside the Denver-metro area.

* See Colorado Revised Statutes §12-25-102(10)(a) and State Board of Licensure for Architects, Professional Engineers and Professional Land Surveyors, Board Rule 2.2 Definitions, Practice of Engineering, part (b).