Colorado homes face some of the most challenging soil conditions in the world, and structural integrity has long been a major concern in home ownership and real estate transactions. The StructureCheck monitoring program was specifically created to help with this issue.

If you own a newer home (less than seven years old), and it develops a structural issue, our monitoring program can give you the early warning necessary to seek relief from your builder and other construction professionals before the statute of limitations runs out. (C.R.S. § 13-80-104(1))

If you own a home which has undergone a structural repair, our program can verify its success through continual monitoring disclosed at resale.

If you are selling a home, our monitoring program can be offered as part of your sell package to new buyers seeking structural peace-of-mind. A structural monitoring program can distinguish your home from others in the same price range, demonstrate your confidence in its structural integrity, and may help the new owner resell in the future.

If you are a real estate professional, educating your clients about our program can give you an advantage over the competition. To find out how it can also reduce your potential liability, ask here.

Here’s how it works: an initial structural assessment is conducted to establish a baseline of the home. Then, once a year, for a specified term, structural checkups are performed. Monitoring terms usually range from two to ten years, but can continue indefinitely. After the monitoring period ends, the owner(s) can then decide whether to continue with the program.

Each structural evaluation and checkup generates a P.E.-stamped, type-written report which includes color photos and foundation elevation readings – all bound and organized in a customized three-ring binder. Reports from subsequent checkups are accumulated in this binder which can then be prominently displayed at showings when the home is resold.

Additional Information:

  • All evaluations conducted by a Colorado licensed professional engineer with 18+ years of residential investigation and repair design experience;
  • Creates a structural database for the home;
  • Complements Colorado construction defect laws;
  • Reasonable monitoring fees – based on home's finished square-footage. Rates as low as $395/year. Monitoring fees can be paid up front (greatest savings) or financed (yearly) over the monitoring period.
  • Service is transferable to subsequent buyers;
  • Average structural repair cost range in Colorado = $40,000 – $70,000. Major structural repairs can generally range from $150,000 to $235,000.